Never Too Late.

A whorl wind of emotions overthrow any decision your brain makes. Your brain gets no say so in these matters, it just takes the punches as you go like nothing matters.

The story goes girl loves boy but boy just wants ass, he’s so blind can’t see past the thong because in reality this girl would do anything for him she even wrote him a song. But no matter what she did, she never felt like she was good enough. All this material stuff opened the darkest dustiest parts of her heart. She thought of love as making art but this guy just took her for granted while she granted him access to make an even a bigger mess of her being.

In the dark with an open heart this guy had no idea what he was doing to her. He went inside, she went insane. He felt no shame that she took the biggest blows cause he was steady getting that blow. No job with no ambition, all his deeds were like a sweet sin. And for some reason this girl just kept coming back to him with out any hesitation. She stayed for so long he turned her inside out. She was so far gone like summer in the winter that she started to realize how real his lies really were. It’s like she awoke from a bad dream only to see what she’s become. She was less than half the girl she wanted to be and more of the girl she hated to see. So one day she got up enough courage to leave his choke hold. Told herself she deserved better and he was giving less than an effort. Praying to God with tears streaming down her face, the only thing she asked for was faith that everything will be okay. After walking away from everything she once knew a weight lifted off her shoulders and the light finally shined through.

Take heed and remember even if you fall from grace, it’s never too late.



One thought on “Never Too Late.

  1. Love this. Keep writing because you never know how many women can relate to you, and you also encourage others to tell their story. Writing is like therapy, a little less tears fall because I can take a breathe on paper.

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