I can’t sleep at night because my thoughts race. My greatest fear is that I’m wasting my life. I can see through past the fake smiles, I can read your soul through your eyes. I always think there’s something out there that I’m looking for. I’m always missing someone or something I do not know. My brain and my heart are from two different planets. My heart has no mind, my brain has no feelings. I am strong but only for so long. I don’t like being numb but sometimes it’s the best feeling in the world. I don’t like feeling too much either. My personality has one hundred personalities. I am everything and nothing at all. I am black and white and everything in between. I have been hurt. I have seen darkness. I have felt the light. I lost myself and found so much more. I have learned about self-respect and admiration. I am in love with love. I hate hate. I have watched my blood drip. I have seen the scars. I know real friends. I have seen fake illusions of friends. I am a diamond in the rough. I have potential. I have a higher purpose. I know a higher being. I am a scared little girl. I am a fearless lion. I will go on an adventure just to get lost. I have the seen the worst in people. I have witnessed the best of people. I know one day I will figure out what I am made of, what I am made for. 


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