The Edge.

You said the edge was dangerous too
But I didn’t mind because I was with you
Tip-toeing around the outskirts
Made me unafraid of the hurt
I was always going overboard
Getting but wanting more
Holding onto yesterday
You said everything would be okay
But then I starting falling too fast
Over the edge I fell
Selfish, you couldn’t even tell
The past caught up with me
Because I never let go
Of all the “What if’s” and “Should be’s”
I thought maybe you would rescue me
I made you my sanctuary
Gave you the burdens I felt like
I couldn’t carry
But I found out I can’t find refuge in you
I must be my own hero
In discovering my unique truth
My heart wants roots
My mind wants wings
And these things will collide
To create my inner being


Third Eye Thoughts.

I knew what I wanted would outweigh anything and everything that tried to knock me off my path. Whatever that path may be. To tell you the truth, sometimes I feel lost and a little uneasy about the future. Where am I going to live? How am I going to eat? Will be happy? So many questions jump around in my head and I don’t have not a damn answer for any of them. Then I put it all in perspective. I’m 22 years old, about to graduate from college. These are my confused but figuring it out years, my I fucked up but I’m gonna get it right next time years, my yeah let’s do it, why not? years. I’m young and wild at heart so why not take advantage of what’s in front of me?

You know what, I might not have a 5 year plan but I can promise you whatever my plans they won’t be boring. I’m going to love, see, eat, travel, party and keep healthy in whatever way works for me. You see I have a vision for my life and I decided I’m going to take multiple roads to get there. Some might be wrong, some might be right. But either way I’m going and I’m moving as I’m learning and living. I learned you don’t have to have everything together to keep going. Just keep going, in whatever way suits you best. Laugh heavy and love hard along the way. Lose yourself in the joys of your life. You can’t go wrong with that, right?



I can’t help but to look over the edge
For I am not afraid to stare death in his face
To take a look at what everyone is scared of
Even when death comes knocking at my door
I want him to be surprised at the upkeep of myself from over the years
and all that I have accomplished
I want to make him so frustrated that he just
Passes over me
Because he’s intrigued and wants to see 
How the rest of my adventures will be



I realized I don’t think it’s going to be an exact moment
where everything just clicks and comes together
I feel like it’s going to be multiple moments
spread out over time that’s going to be like that
More light bulbs will click on and you’ll see clarity
as you experience, learn and create as time goes by
Life is forever changing and there’s always something new to try and figure out
or simply just take in and enjoy

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There’s comfort in dying, but joy in living. You know taking the easy way out all the time only works for a minute. You search and search for the potion to put your mind at ease. You flea from discomfort of what’s unsure like a new disease. Sorry, but you gotta work at it to be great in life. Fall down in strife to see your light. Life is going to throw its worst at you, then come back and smack you with overwhelming joy to. Someone once said, “Comfort zones are a beautiful thing. But nothing ever grows there.” It’s true because even a beautiful flower like you needs stimulation and care. You can’t grow with the same patterns cause what you do right now, it all matters. Maybe not today or tomorrow but everything connects both happiness and sorrow.

So this is the case. The same place is a safe place. That familiar face and the comfortable pace. These keep you going in the same direction, seeing the same sites, following the same habits day and night. You can’t grow in these conditions and still ask why your in this position. This place will sustain you but won’t nurture you to see beyond what you know. If you want new love and knowledge you have to leave home. You got to travel some distance and find your own.

Only the strongest survive and make the best of their lives. They see all the seasons change with new appreciation. They push themselves past those comfortable limitations. The vastness of life should be the consumers number one demand. Your life is in his hands and God has exceptional plans. So figure out your brand. Step out of the monotony where you stand and dive into your joys with a lust for life. Time lies as you lay there. It’ll try to steal your attention and make you beg for an extension. Whatever you decided, it’s you who makes the decision.

DISCLAIMER: We only got right now because tomorrow will be different.


Bottled Worth.

kYour mouth doesn’t say
What your thoughts crave
Your heart shouldn’t bleed
Just to be okay
Sometimes love
Just isn’t enough
You go through the battles
Scaring your emotions all up

What you think it should be
Never really happens
& What it is
Is just your never really happy
So you sit back
Wait for the right moment
Bottle it all up
And hope it lasts till the morning

But once the top pops
It’ll all spill out
Everything you hid
And all your doubts
3am when your minds racing
Wide awake, crying and pacing
Maybe you’ll see you were worth it
Worth it then and worth it now
Cause when it all breaks down
They can never take your crown

All or Nothing.

I will not be your sometimes. I can’t give you half of me and I don’t want a piece of you. I was made wholeheartedly and that is how I want to be loved. I don’t want to be shoved to the bottom of your “Things to Love” list. Full attention, I deserve this. Kindness and affection, I’ll give this. I’ll give you every touch and kiss with passion and importance. But for this to work I need the same as I’m willing to give. I was not made to be loved only at night, when it’s cold and lonely. I was made as an one and only. I’m a split decision you’ll love to make over and over again. If your ready for the ride I’ll hold you down till the very end. I promise I’ll come back to you like the sun to the moon. But when it hits noon and it’s warm outside that’s when I want to be by your side. If you can love me when everything’s alright then loving me at night is just a plus. I know my worth, so this is a must. I was made in full, I was made in love. Put it back in your pocket, save your sometimes and your maybe’s. There are no fees with me, unless we love each other to infinity.kok