There’s comfort in dying, but joy in living. You know taking the easy way out all the time only works for a minute. You search and search for the potion to put your mind at ease. You flea from discomfort of what’s unsure like a new disease. Sorry, but you gotta work at it to be great in life. Fall down in strife to see your light. Life is going to throw its worst at you, then come back and smack you with overwhelming joy to. Someone once said, “Comfort zones are a beautiful thing. But nothing ever grows there.” It’s true because even a beautiful flower like you needs stimulation and care. You can’t grow with the same patterns cause what you do right now, it all matters. Maybe not today or tomorrow but everything connects both happiness and sorrow.

So this is the case. The same place is a safe place. That familiar face and the comfortable pace. These keep you going in the same direction, seeing the same sites, following the same habits day and night. You can’t grow in these conditions and still ask why your in this position. This place will sustain you but won’t nurture you to see beyond what you know. If you want new love and knowledge you have to leave home. You got to travel some distance and find your own.

Only the strongest survive and make the best of their lives. They see all the seasons change with new appreciation. They push themselves past those comfortable limitations. The vastness of life should be the consumers number one demand. Your life is in his hands and God has exceptional plans. So figure out your brand. Step out of the monotony where you stand and dive into your joys with a lust for life. Time lies as you lay there. It’ll try to steal your attention and make you beg for an extension. Whatever you decided, it’s you who makes the decision.

DISCLAIMER: We only got right now because tomorrow will be different.



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