Third Eye Thoughts.

I knew what I wanted would outweigh anything and everything that tried to knock me off my path. Whatever that path may be. To tell you the truth, sometimes I feel lost and a little uneasy about the future. Where am I going to live? How am I going to eat? Will be happy? So many questions jump around in my head and I don’t have not a damn answer for any of them. Then I put it all in perspective. I’m 22 years old, about to graduate from college. These are my confused but figuring it out years, my I fucked up but I’m gonna get it right next time years, my yeah let’s do it, why not? years. I’m young and wild at heart so why not take advantage of what’s in front of me?

You know what, I might not have a 5 year plan but I can promise you whatever my plans they won’t be boring. I’m going to love, see, eat, travel, party and keep healthy in whatever way works for me. You see I have a vision for my life and I decided I’m going to take multiple roads to get there. Some might be wrong, some might be right. But either way I’m going and I’m moving as I’m learning and living. I learned you don’t have to have everything together to keep going. Just keep going, in whatever way suits you best. Laugh heavy and love hard along the way. Lose yourself in the joys of your life. You can’t go wrong with that, right?



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