All or Nothing.

I will not be your sometimes. I can’t give you half of me and I don’t want a piece of you. I was made wholeheartedly and that is how I want to be loved. I don’t want to be shoved to the bottom of your “Things to Love” list. Full attention, I deserve this. Kindness and affection, I’ll give this. I’ll give you every touch and kiss with passion and importance. But for this to work I need the same as I’m willing to give. I was not made to be loved only at night, when it’s cold and lonely. I was made as an one and only. I’m a split decision you’ll love to make over and over again. If your ready for the ride I’ll hold you down till the very end. I promise I’ll come back to you like the sun to the moon. But when it hits noon and it’s warm outside that’s when I want to be by your side. If you can love me when everything’s alright then loving me at night is just a plus. I know my worth, so this is a must. I was made in full, I was made in love. Put it back in your pocket, save your sometimes and your maybe’s. There are no fees with me, unless we love each other to infinity.kok


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