Around and All Over.

He kissed her like her lips were air and he couldn’t breath
She was swallowed up by him so deep she couldn’t see
Overwhelmed and unsure she felt for him
but she was all he could ever need
She loved him no doubt
but felt stuck in her seat
He really loved her, I promise he did
but gave her no space, no room to live
he beat her mentally over time
broke her down till she lost her mind
She cut off everybody off making him her world
Naive girl, thinking he could make her dreams come true
When he was only suffocating her mind
until her soul turned blue
The arguing and the lies were going no where
She loved so hard and overly cared
He came in and out of her life here and there
Expecting her to never evolve and always stall for him
And she did for while
then a while became forever
until she evolved into something she always said she’d never
Heart wide open with her thoughts a whirlwind
She made the decision to cut ties
To kill all the resentment planted in her eyes
Sometimes when you love someone
you have to let them go
Want them to love you right
but they’re only here for growth
Each lesson has a reason
blessings come in disguise throughout the seasons
Real love is rare
Phony never cared
Give love space to evolve
So you’ll never doubt their love at all



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