There is a safety in our fear. But this safety is not true because it will gently hold you down and nurse the doubt in your mind. There is a certain comfortability in the steady state of chaos knowing there will always be that counted on confusion. It is easy to find comfort in our sadness or even our pain. Why? Because as long it doesn’t change then we don’t have to change. We don’t have to think about the failure or if we might not make it. There is stability in fear. It grows slowly inside of us and sits like boulder in the bottom of your heart. Sinking it down, day by day. It was there yesterday, this morning and it’s there right now. It takes no courage to have fear, no strength to be dependent on fears’ safety. Change takes effort and time. It can’t be calculated or measured. There is no set answer or path. It is the opposite of fear with no safety net to allow yourself to gently be caught if things don’t go as planned. I think that’s the most beautiful part about it. Change brings new beginnings and outlooks about all the “safety” fear brings. Change brings undiscovered happiness and experiences. Fear will have you sitting in the same spot, looking around watching everyone else grow, taking control of their own journey. Fear is safe, but you won’t get anywhere with it. Only back to that excuse of “why you can’t do something”. With change you can never go wrong. You might not get exactly where you wanted to go but you will get somewhere new. Who’s to say if you fall or fly if you never try?


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