Been there, didn’t do that
I heard you played her
Wish she knew that
I tried to warn her
But love is blind
You couldn’t see
The pain in her eyes
You lied
and stepped out on her
She cried
and loved you more
You hit her
and she fell to the floor
She got up
and walked through the bedroom door
Didn’t realize she was fighting to die
Never knowing if she’d see
The next sun rise
Way too timid
She fell right in it
Always asking why
He had his way with her
Took her and jaded her
His sorry didn’t make up for it
Her make up couldn’t cover it
She stayed until
She was lost in hurt
Her shell was damaged
Her life caged
But her soul was waiting
For the new age
She been there, did that
Never again
Know your worth
Nothing less than a ten



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