Bad Dream.

This is the type of dream that’ll haunt you when your not even asleep. This undeniable feeling keeps your heart in suspense and your body tense. Your emotions hit 1 to 100 and your thoughts remember everything that was said. It was a dread to hear this news but it’s you that will lose.

Its like you took hold of my neck, squeezed tight and dared me to breath. See you were at ease cause you had everything I could give, my heart, my energy, my time and not to mention my thighs that you pride open with your lies. Sometimes I wish I would’ve known, sometimes I wish I could understand but I guess that’s the plan. That there is none. I never planned to feel these feelings and you never planned to hurt me, right? I trusted your words and held on tight. Till the last sound of your voice and last over emotional choice.

You mistakenly took my kindness as weakness and my loyalty for a game. But as good as you thought you could play, your strategies and plays were a little to slow for the truth and everything that I knew. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you weren’t like all these dogs out here, running through girls just to say they hit. Putting a notch on their list, never putting in an effort to even kiss. Lying to females cause they can’t keep up with their own shit. Adoring the materialistic and getting a kick outta the good girls they’ll actually miss. Maybe you play girls cause your scared of what you really are. You have no ambition so you rely on females to get you far. Or maybe your just simply greedy, trying to have your cake and eat it to. Well, I’m sorry this bakery is closed boo. I thought about it, slept on it, even prayed about it to. But for whatever reason, maybe it was the way my mama raised me or the way I trained my mind to be. I know I deserve better and you will be missing little ole me.



2 thoughts on “Bad Dream.

  1. hey, nice use of words and interesting variety of posts, you could do much better with a little bit proof reading before you publish, you have mixed up “you are” and “your” at some places, they are a put off and its a pity because your imagination and the way you put it in words is really good.

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