The moon never asks the sun back for time spent in the day bringing warmth. The sun never asks the moon back for time spent in the night shining light. Neither asks for time back because that is the continuum of life.

To give and receive from both ends of the spectrum is ideal but sometimes that idea of balance gets lost in the wavering stretches of good and evil. When darkness mixes into the light we forget to treat others how we would want to be treated, wrong or right. We forget that everyone is fighting a battle, big and small, seen and out of sight. So be the person who brings out the best in others. Lessen the stress and find a way, together. Create your path and live it to the fullest. Ground yourself in your ambitions and put yourself to the test of growth. Most become stagnant within themselves, but be the inspiration that breaks their shell. Leave no dream undone, leave all audiences stunned.

Just remember as your climbing to the top, help others along the way who are starting to drop. She is going were you were coming from and he has been where you are going. It makes no difference in color or the currensy in your pocket. Give without expecting and you may help a starving dream. Things can always go wrong and life is never what it seems. You don’t always get tomorrow to live another day or dream another dream. Love without corruption and treat others by what their soul sees.



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