There’s Still Hope.

Our generation has had no great war, no Great Depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives. Hung high on the thoughts of getting high. Trying not to realize the lies we tell ourselves. Everything will be okay, we hope. We wake up to a new day performing the same actions hoping for a different outcome. You know what they call that? Insanity. aka absolutely out your mind.

tySee that’s what wrong with our generation, with a little bit of intimidation we get lost in the sauce that we can’t remember where we came from or what our ancestors had to do to get us here. We just use anti-depressants because we steady suppress our ambitions and dreams for things that won’t last till the morning.

You can light the weed and pour another glass, pop a pill and hope that it last. But if you can’t make peace with your past then your just wasting the present. God gave you this life not as a regular gift but as the most important and amazing present a breathing being can have. So don’t go calling up the boy who beat you down because he wasn’t thinking about you when you hit the ground. Don’t turn your back on a true friend because grass isn’t greener on the other side it’s only greener where you water it. Nothing comes easy and sometimes you gotta work for it. You have no time to be scared of life or timid of change. You create your own happiness and if you don’t like it then change it. But don’t let your demons win, fend them off and negativity will fall by the wayside. You wake up one day and see the other side of life, the one where the sun shines so bright. Dark days will come and it will pour. But just take a breath and remember what your fighting for.


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