Swimming Lesson.

tupSink or swim. Let it all soak in. You think the day is over with because the lights get dim and the moon gets to show. But it’s never that easy. Never quite so simple to lay your head down and fall asleep soundly. Because when your mind races time gets cloudy and you lose track of life. Everything you should’ve and everything you could’ve replays in your head like the rewind button got stuck. You stop and pause but can’t catch the perfect moment. Because there is no perfect moment and it’s never the right time. Time will never stop and it’s not on your side.

You can sink into your thoughts of wanting out of life and giving up all your rights. Or you can swim to the top of the ocean and keep your head above water. The harder you kick your legs the more you feel the heat of the sun and shy skin will shed. Stay above what can drown you and never leave a day undone. Stress is opposition and whatever will happen, just meet it when it comes. Everything in the world is built to pull you down but it’s your choice if you let your dreams drown.

This world is built by people who hate people who hate themselves. They want everything and give nothing so they just let their souls sit dusty on the shelf. You can’t just stay in the shallow end and hope to see what’s next. Not everyone cares and true love is rare. Ride every wave knowing you’ll come out fighting, have confidence in yourself and know you can do the astounding. Swim far and wide, discover new waters. And if you survive, you lived your life to the fullest because you kicked harder.


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