My Dear Angel.

I drank until it wasn’t real. I drank until I couldn’t feel. My heart breaking into pieces when I got the news. Tears running down my face until my vision was was blurred and my words slurred. It didn’t hit me until I saw your flatline and I heard that monotonous sound of a dead person. It’s so weird because I remember you having so much life when you were alive. Never thinking twice and always down for the ride. But heaven couldn’t wait for you. God did a number on you, and you spread love through and through. Even though your not here on earth I still feel your warmth when I see your pictures and remember how you use to tell me to always be true. You were my super woman, everything a soul should be. I see your smile when I close my eyes and hear your laugh when the music quiets down. I cry a little bit I will admit. But then I remember your still with me, buried in my heart within my memories. When I went to the hospital was the last time I saw you, hugged you and kissed your hand. You had congestive heart failure but you were a success to me. Never failing at anything, always talking confidently. You overcame all adversity and lived a life to remember. You were a beautiful woman with the kindest heart. Even though your body lays cold six feet under, you were the best grandmother and there will never be another. I love you, Rest in peace forever.


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