My Words.

I hope what I write means something to you. I hope it resonates in your mouth like the sweet taste of cake on your 5th birthday. Do you remember how sweet that tasted? I hope my words taste like that. I hope they dig so far deep down into your bones that you can’t forget them because what I wrote just hit home for you. It just inspired you to write a poem, tell someone you love them, or get out of a situation you were too scared to before. I write to make the letters in the alphabet something so real that no other sentence, no paragraph, no book can compare. I want to get you thinking, I want to get your emotions churning so far deep in your heart that you dream about it in your sleep. I’m sorry… Actually, I’m not sorry because honestly some of my words are going to hurt. Hurt so good that it will convict you to make a difference, to make a change. I wish everyone could feel my words as I write because with every punctuation I will try to invoke what you try to hide from everyone else. I hope my words take you to a foreign destination, somewhere you have always wanted to go. And when you get there I hope you have a blast because my words show you places of your being you never thought existed. I hope you can make a home in the midst of my paragraphs. Nuzzle up to them because they make you feel safe and comfortable. I write so you can have an epiphany, so you can have an “Ah Ha!” moment. I write to inspire with my own personal aspirations. I write because I care about peoples’ feelings. I know first hand how heavy emotions weigh down your soul. I write to give hope to the individual who is looking for an escape from reality. I write for the people who’s imagination runs so wild that they can’t put their own thoughts in words. I write for the girls who aren’t to bitter and banged up to still believe in everlasting love. I write for the girls in the toughest situations because she kept praying on that little bit of hope she had left. I hope my words flicker in your mind like a newborn baby opening its eyes for the first time. I hope my words breath life into you as if you were gasping for air.

I hope what I write means something to you, because to me, this is my passion. 


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