Starry Night.

Love. You ever heard that word? Its deadly. Deadly as poison in a syringe that has just been injected into your veins. Dangerous as playing with fire near a gas can. It’s so dangerous and so deadly, yet we can’t look away. We stare at it like a car crash on the side of the road. It causes traffic in our minds like its rush hour on the highway. Now, it’s not like any regular traffic. But this traffic clouds your mind like on a hazy day. This traffic gets you choked up like you just swallowed saliva down your airway.

This one two three four letter word is the best and the worst thing that can happen to a human being. It’s the best because it can make you feel like your on top of world, make you feel like you can jump over apparatuses you never thought we’re imaginable. But yet they are tangible because you have that driving force behind you. Love makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs like a church choir on Sunday morning. That’s that good love. That you never want it to end love. That cuddling, kissing, laughing kind of love.

But just like a coin there are two faces to it. An ugly face opposite of a box of lace. It’s like love trapped in a case, a case that’s covered with dirt, and grim and grimace. You see this kind of love punches you in the stomach every chance it gets. It’ll take you so low. To the depths of the deepest darkest oceans and to the bottom of the tallest canyons in the world. It can take you under, make you feel like you can barely breath…make you feel like you barely have a heart beat.

It’s like a black covering that drapes over your eyes. You get blinded by all the bullshit. That you forget how much love can feel good. Like food to the soul and music to your ears. But this food is the best you’ll ever taste and this music is the best you’ll ever hear. For this four letter word, L O V E, is the key to unlock the light between you and me.

I mean, Maybe this is just in my dreams, you know like in my imagination but I believe love can stop wars, heal relationships and bring peace to a hurt soul. Love is like a bowl of mamas homemade chicken noodle soup when your sick. The elixir that gives you a kick to put the spring back in your step. When used the right way it’ll pep you up, instead of trying to drown your sorrows at the bottom of that cup.

You see, my mind and heart have no connectivity. I don’t know whether to fall in love or just fall into the fear of loving someone so much deeper than myself. But then again, that’s the beauty of it. You never know what love will bring. Maybe a ring. Or maybe your heart will just get dinged up. But I know one thing. To love is to live.

So ask yourself, are you living or are you just alive?



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