All my worries and fears disappear when I think of the enlightenment of being an everlasting soul. Not only blessed to receive flesh and skin but to have a God given soul that withstands the test of time because it doesn’t feed off of earthly indigestibles. My mind is acceptable of my conditions and my limitations of my personality. I sort of feed off the instability of my  skin and the blood that lies underneath. I love the fact that at any moment, I can change who I want to be. I can change, become and evolve. I suffered, I changed and I survived. Survived the lows and never let them take me down too deep. Survived the highs and never let me forget that when I get a little too deep I still have the floor to keep me grounded. I’m astonished I could have ever thought about taking my life. Picking a coffin over experiencing what God made free will for. I live for the bumps along the way of striving. They remind me of my faith and they remind me to never lose it. This is my life and your just a muse in it. The flesh can only be penetrated but I’m trying to open up your mental and see the bigger picture. See the bigger perimeter of this quadrilateral we call life.


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