I Care(d).

Here I am. Sitting up again waiting for your text or your call but it never comes. Here I am again, reflecting back on our past and how all the harsh actions and words have hurt us. I keep trying to pin point the exact day you fell out of love with me. The exact day I knew things have changed. But I can’t. I cannot bring myself to realize where our souls drifted apart and sunk so far down into darkness. We usually talk everyday, but these past few days have been so weird between us. They just haven’t felt the same. You have no interest in me anymore and I can feel the coldness radiating from you. Part of my heart is hurt, part of it is relieved. Only relieved because now that you have gotten over me, I can finally do the same and get over you. Well, at least that is the plan. I know it is going to be a struggle, I mean, we were once so close. WE were once inseparable. But now there is so much distance between us.

It was always so weird to me how I put you first. How everything single thing I did, I thought about you beforehand. I loved you so much I would have given my life to make you happy. But you couldn’t see past the cloudy exterior of our problems. You couldn’t see past my skin anymore. You once could look into my soul and you could feel me. I could feel you. We knew exactly what each other was thinking. Now, I don’t even think you could see a tear fall from my face if it was right in front of you.

Honestly, I am tired of trying to put us back together again. I am tired of trying to mend our broken pieces when I get no help in this. I am tired of crying over someone who doesn’t even care anymore. I guess you could say that our love was never real in the first place. Because if it was it wouldn’t be fading like this. It would still be burning with the same passion that we once had. The good days are all over, and now I have to come back to reality. I have to come back from the high I was on when I was with you. It is all over now. I hope for the better, but we will never know. Our present is just as disconnected as our future will be. All I can say is that I wish you the best. I hope you can find happiness as I will find within myself.



One thought on “I Care(d).

  1. Reblogged this on The Life and Times of Aly-Nisha and commented:
    I never thought that I would have something put in words that express how I feel about my ex with such perfection. Reading this made me cry because I’ve always said I never want anyone to feel the way I do but its obvious that someone does.

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