I feel like I’m suppose to be a flower. I start off as a seed and then when I get the proper nourishment and care I will grow. I would like to think I am in a beautiful garden, amongst other rare and delicate flowers. I would like to think that I have a supporting caregiver, someone who will watch over me and take care of me while I grow. Reality is, I don’t. Rather than growing in a beautiful garden, I am barely surviving under concrete cement. I have no caregiver and there is no sunlight. I am forced to grow under the harshest conditions but still expected to make it. So I am left with two choices. Either fight for sunlight or let my stem whither and petals grow pale. All the odds are against me, there seems like there is no bright side. It seems like there is no positive impact if I give all of my energy to just try and get a drip of water. The easiest thing for me to do is to lay down and die. Just let my stem whither and petals get hard. I can feel the darkness closing in on me. I can feel the cold cement creeping up to take over. I can feel every negative force imaginable. But for some reason, I still have some fight in me. I still have some faith. Some hope. As I’m sinking deeper and deeper down, I see a crack of sunlight. I inch my way up and finally I feel some warmth. Finally I feel what I have been missing this whole time..

Fight for what you want. Love yourself enough to know that you deserve to be happy and you deserve some sunlight in your life. No matter how dark things look, there’s always a crack of sunlight. Just look for it.. seek, and you shall find.


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