I do believe you are the safety that keeps my heart warm from the wind at night. The ever so fragile bloom of my wavelength sits in your hands, for you to carry or to crush. Through it all, all the rain and wind, all the phases i endured. I matured, in a nature that is ever so bright. The light that you give me is so pure. Sweet love of mine, you are so kind to my soul. I have missed you, you and all your little things. You and the love that keeps us breathing. Like dancing in the meadows, sun shinning down upon my face. Follow my words to the end of my love. You were the one who told me and I believed. I believed you would never leave. I believe your my sweetheart, my heart. Nothing can ever tear us apart. Don’t leave me, don’t go. I will forever have you tucked away in my heart. The pulsating muscle that keeps me alive. Is yours.

I was standing there, right in front of you. I stood there and closed my eyes because I’m yours tonight.Everything i ever wanted, was in that moment. Your beautiful smile made me stay. I couldn’t help but to look at your eyes. You made me fall ever so gently, like a feather falling from space. The space that lead me to you. I believe in you. I believe i am yours. Forever and always. My bones are wrapped around you. My skin is right in front of you. This i know, is not a dream. But reality which is true. I believe in me and you.



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