Hope You See Me.

I just hope you see me. When it’s all said and done. As I sat there on the side of the cliff, looking over Los Angeles, I wondered. I wondered if you’ll ever look at me in the same way again. Or if what we have is just simply over. When I met you, I never knew you would be so important to me. Mean so much to me.

I can still remember the way you smelled. How your hair looked and what you were wearing. I remember it all. The look on your face, I will never forget. Your eyes sparkling in the sun. The way the sun hit your eyes was something to behold. I never knew that that day was the last time I was going to see you in that light. I miss you terribly. And now that I see you with her, it hurts so much. I was engulfed in your love and now we can only be friends. 

After all is said and done. I just hope you see me.


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