Dedication to Happiness.

You ever been just, happy? For no reason everything seems to fall into place. Like it was meant to be like this from the start. Everything just becomes clear. You see who your real friends are and what relationships matter the most. You learn so many things. For instance, you can’t please everyone, but you can do good to those who you care about and who care about you. I have learned so much in a short amount of time. Some friends of mine gave me a good and much needed reality check that opened my eyes so wide that life just became clear as water. As if I was looking through foggy goggles all my life before these past couple days.

For some reason, I feel changed. I feel uplifted. Like all my faith has paid off but yet I still keep steady. I can feel the positive energy flowing and all the negativity just falling to the wayside. I feel invincible. Incredible. I feel a happiness that I once thought was unobtainable. I am meeting people who are worth my time and energy. They bring positivity to my life. I never want this to end. I am loving life and leaving the past in the past. I have learned from my mistakes and am smarter now. I am grounded in a good place so I never want to leave. I have realized that being happy is a journey. You have to find yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself before someone can come along and love you. Self-esteem is key. Heartbreaks will end, smiles will begin. There will be brighter days, with out pain. But you must face the rain, first. If you have faith, even the size of a mustard seed then every little thing will be okay.

I learned from a good friend of mine how to be a woman. How to grow up and live for something. She taught me that one man can’t make or break me. Not one person, man or woman, holds your happiness to a T. You have control over your own life, you decide what you want to do. Friends are truly a blessing because I know without them I would be so lost in this superficial world. So, to those that have touched my heart or gave me some piece of advice? I thank you. All the wrong that has been done to me? I thank you. For it has made me stronger. Built me up faster. Now I can weed out the fake and bring in the real.


One heartbreak, isn’t the end all be all.

One goodbye, is a new hello.

One storm, only brings forth a rainbow.

One friend, is all you need to make a smile.

One conversation, can inspire a heart.

One weakness, two strengths.


I hope my words make you think… Are you really happy? If not, keep faith. Your only one day away.


-Yours Truly.


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