The Impact.

How did we end up here? That is the question I am dying to have answered. I don’t know where we went wrong. Whether it was all the arguments, all the lies, or all the trust that was not present. All I know that is the impact you had on my life seems like it will never go away. I would give anything just to go back in time and reverse all the bad that has been said and done. However, I can’t. All I can do is look to the future, and believe that one day you will be mine again. To have and to hold, just like old times. Our love went from as simple as it could be to the most intricate, unobtainable happiness possible. Then I ask myself again, how did we end up here? 

Even now when I see you, you still give me butterflies. Every time I hear your name, you make my heart pound faster and faster. the impact you had on me was huge. I won’t forget everything we shared or the smiles you gave me. I’ll get you back, don’t you worry. One way or another. True love never fails. My heart will never set sail without yours by its side. 



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