It’s finally here. I get to see you again. I can’t remember the last time I smelled your scent or saw that smile of yours. But tonight, your all mine. I wonder how our conversations will be, how you’ll look at me with those eyes. Those beautiful eyes I could get lost in. So here it is. The time is here. I don’t care where we go or who’s around us because my heart is in constant motion with yours. Our hearts beat as one. I always think about how you feel and what your thoughts are. If your okay and if any pain has been brought your way. Miles away I can still feel your hurt. I’m hungry for the light that have hiding beneath your delicate soul. I’m yearning for the creativity of your mind to spill over on me and share with me all the small details of your life. Even though I only have your for this one night. I will make these memories last forever and ever, in my mind. I will cherish the moments we spend together as I’d they were my last..

I know your scared but it is okay. I could run three thousand miles into your arms and still be amazed at your soul. You light my heart a blaze and you give me something no one else does. I love you for who you are not what you posses or do not posses. You are mine forever and always no matter how time flies or where we are in the world. And I am forever yours. Through thick and thin I will hold strong for you and only you. As they say it, your my “boo”.


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