Heart Back.


I want it back. Give it to me. I want that fragile piece of heart you stole from me. I want it back, so give it. You can’t just go around playing with people’s hearts. Stealing them like a thief in the night. I just can’t let you go on, ravaging my soul and my feelings. The time has come to let me go, so I can let you go. Let me be free. Unattached from reality, lost in a dream. I don’t know who else to turn to. Who else that cares about me like you once did. But our time is over, no longer can we dive into those old feelings we once had. Once upon a time, I loved you more than life itself. But it’s over now. No longer can I go on knowing that you still have a piece of me. I want to say peace to you, move on with my life. You don’t deserve my heart anymore. My heart is like gold and my feelings are like the water from the fountain of  youth. These things are so precious to me, and the person I am going to love next. He won’t be you, we are over and done. There is no unfinished business. Nothing left to say. All I want is my heart back. Because without it? Feels like a heart attack.


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