Never from a Parallel Line.

I was foolish to believe in our fairytale. Something that could never be. I thought everything was going to be okay, but it wasn’t. I thought you were going to come back for me like you always said, but you didn’t. I didn’t think you would ever leave, but you did that to. Now All I am left with is anger from my heart bleeding its black into a perfectly blue ocean. My heart was once deep as an ocean. However, now so many things have polluted it, it can never be clean again. Never back to how it originally was. Do you want to know why? Because of you. You tainted my heart, my life. You infected my thoughts and feelings. Twisted and churned them until they were black as the night sky. I do not know why I allowed this either. I thought I was strong enough to resist you, to get away from you. But with my weak will and your strong personality, we just clashed like plaids and stripes. It is so hard to get rid of the stained marks you left along my heart. But one day, I will. Never will you or anyone see them again. 

Never will my foolish heart believe that a man so kind could come and destroy a world of a girl. The intermediate parallel lines go side by side, but never touch. Never meet. They never intertwine with each other. Neither of them wants to get infused with the other. That is understandable, you know? Just think of me as a beautiful parallel line, running free from the conformity of society. You can see me but never touch me. You can never tell me which way to go and I will never be on your schedule. I just keep going, following my path along the page. 



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