Hello to My Goodbye. Part 2

…As I pull out the key to my apartment from my purse, I get the feeling that finally I am really doing it. I’m on my own to journey through the depths of my life with no ones hand to hold. I can’t stop smiling from the conversation me and “the hunk” had on the plane. He was going to be my first friend in Chicago. I was excited to see him, and even more excited to see all that my new home had to offer. It was around five o’clock now, the sun slowly began to set. I feel like it’ll take me forever to unpack all my things. As I’m unpacking, I notice a postcard from my mother during her travels to South America. The card was embroidered with pretty yellow and red ribbon, all fiesta like. She says on the card how much she misses me, loves me and cannot wait to come home so I can see all of the souvenirs she has. At the end of her message she says these words that I will forever remember. “Follow your dreams and let your heart be free. Be true and no one can change you”, she says. Wise words from a very wise woman. I love my mother.

I get all my other trinkets unpacked and took a shower. I looked down to check my phone to see if I have any missed notifitcations when I get a call from a random number. Usually I don’t answer them but I figured it was my new job calling me with information about Mondays meeting or my assistant giving me the low down on my new boss. Either way, I answered it. After saying hello, I did not expect an Austrailian accept to be talking to me. “Hey, is this Yaheli?” I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest and for some reason, I liked it. It was a good feeling, one that I have not felt in a very long time. It’s like when your date picks you up in his car for your first prom or when you win the lottery. Ha, well maybe not that good, but you get my point. I answered back, smiling to myself, “Yes, this is she?” In my head I was going crazy, quietly jumping up and down in my bedroom like a little kid who just got some ice cream for dessert. “I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner tonight, maybe a walk in the park to?” I answered back a little louder than normal because I was so excited.

 I gave him my address and he said he will be here at 8 o’clock, which only gave me three hours to get ready. I have to admit, I was panicking. For some reason I was so nervous, not knowing how this date would turn out. Or if maybe this was going to be a complete disaster. I literally pulled out every stitch of clothing I owned, just to put on some leggings, boots and a nice comfy sweater. I wonder what will he wear, and what type of guy he is. Will he wear a traditional business suite, slacks and a polo, skinny jeans and a KISS  cut up t-shirt. I just could not seem to wrap my head around what our conversation was going to be about or if it as going to be awkward or not. I was pretty much driving myself crazy over a guy I have not even known for two days. It made me feel like a little kid again, I instantly got those butterflies in the pit of my stomach just thinking about how great this night could possibly turn out.

I kept looking at the clock, counting down the time. It was finally 7:46 so Jacob should be here within the next fiften minutes. Looking in the mirror I noticed how the curvature of my body went along with the leggings and shaped my tusch so cute. I felt like I was ready for this date, even though my heart was still racing at the speed of light. The doorbell rang and my heart jumped at the sound. I walk over to the entry way and opened the door. My jaw almost dropped at the sight of Jacob. He looked better than I imagined him. He looked.. perfect.

To be Continued…


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