Tell Me Good Morning.

Look, we don’t need to put a label on it. I just need some consistency. I need to know you’re not going to wake up in the morning and feel differently. When the morning sun rises, I open my eyes. I want to know that you’ll be there for me. I want to know that my heart is in the right hands. I don’t even need future plans. All I am worried about is waking up next to you in the morning. Wondering will you still be there. In my darkest hour, tell me no lies. I do not need you, but I want you. I do not ask much of you, but I would like to spend time with you. Labels mean nothing to me. But you mean everything to me. I hope that you will feel the same, just as my name will stay the same. This is a scary feeling between two hearts. Falling into the unknown, you never know what is going to happen next. The next might just be the best. Or the next just might be all like the rest. Take a chance on me, promise I won’t let you down. I never want to see you frown. Let your gaurd down, lay down your head.

I want to write down everything you say. I feel like I have to memorize the words from your emotions. You are as deep as the ocean. I have no love spell to put you under. No words to draw you back. All I am looking foward to is tomorrow morning. It’s easy to walk away in pain. But even harder to stand up for you heart.

Tell me good morning in the mist of all that is going on. I just want to be the one you lean on. Not to mention, love on.


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