There I go again. I keep telling myself, “Harlin, just stop. You already know what you getting into. Why do you keep putting yourself through these trials?” I try to fit things in places that do not belong. I keep trying to force things that are not suppose to exist. Relations that don’t last and friends that stab backs. It all is just so fake. I don’t know what I am trying to find anymore. I feel like I am walking on a tight rope and have lost my balance. I am now just walking aimlessly into the depths of nowhere. I keep making the same mistakes over and over again without learning. One day it is going to catch up with me. Karma won’t be so nice. The future won’t be so kind. I need to wake up. Open my eyes to see all the things outside my love life. Sometimes I get so overwhelemed with the past I forget who I am today. Promises have been broken, but they did not break me. I have to remember how far I have come and long it took me to get here. Look to better days and brighter skies. I must realize these are only Lessons Learned, not failures.

One day, God is going to send me an angel from above. One to look over me and help me with my troubles. A man who completes my heart. I don’t care about being single, or having a boyfriend. I just want to find happiness. I’m on the journey of Love and Happiness.

Revolving doors open hearts. This is true from the start. True love waits. Real love dedicates itself to the unknown. Power is in the hands of the believer. Love is in the hearts of the reciever.

Perfect in my eyes, realize me.

-Harlin M. Rosella


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