Hello to my Goodbye. Part 1

A Boston Goodbye. A Chicago O’Hare Hello. I must say boarding the plane from Boston to Chicago I was a little aprehensive. As I was boarding I saw families, young and old couples, and business men all walking up to the gate with me. I’m thinking that this wont be too bad. I just know I am going to miss home. Twenty-four years of living in Boston has really made me who I am today. So moving to a new place I feel like I have to attempt to start all over again. Maybe I’m just being a scaredy cat or maybe I am right. I guess we will know once I get there. As I find my way to my seat, I notice a man sitting in the seat next to mine. I am in seat 2A and he is in 3A. He’s got my window seat! The window seats were always my favorite. I like to stare out in clouds and watch as the sky turns from pink to lavender to light blue as the sun rises.

I put my carry on bag in the over head compartment and sit down in my seat. I look over to my left and all I can see are these big golden locks of hair, muscular arms, and a big set of blue eyes staring at me. All of the sudden his mouth opens and I try not sweat anymore like a pig than I already am. As he says “ello” in his Australian accent, my heart melts into the seat and I swallow my tongue. “Hey, how are you?”, I say to him. He asked my name and I can’t help but to keep staring at his eyes. They were so captivating, I tried not to stare though. “Yaheli”, I say in soft tone. He looks at me and smiles, telling me his name is Jacob. We automatically spark up conversation and I forget all about the plane ride. I barely am even paying attention to the captian talk over the loud speakers. All I could focus on was this gorgeous man sitting next to me. And putting on my seatbelt of course.

As the planes engine started up. I was thinking to myself, “I am finally leaving home, off onto a new journey. New beginnings, a fresh new start.” Our conversation eventually dies down and I drift off to sleep. So does Jacob. Three hours later as I awake, I can see the signs that says “Chicago” on it. This is my home. My new home. I was hoping to get to to talk to Jacob more. He was also going in the same direction I was. Let alone during our conversation we both figured out we won’t be living to far from each other. Lucky me, right? As we both walk off the plan and step foot onto Illinois soil both of us are glad to finally be here. Having more nice conversation, we both walk to the baggage claim, looking for our suitcases. Then before I know it he says, “Hey, since we both are new here we should go grab lunch together tomorrow and get more aquainted.” His accent just gets me everytime. I think I am starting to love Chicago..

To Be Continued…



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