So I have this hole in my heart. One that I can’t seem to fill. I try and try to fill it with things that will cover up the gaping hole in my heart, but nothing seems to work. Nothing seems big enough to fill it completely. I feel like I am filling it with the wrong things. Relationships that won’t last, lovers that aren’t “the one” and mental high’s that just don’t work. Every time that I think about what I can do to fill the hole, nothing comes to mind that I know will work. I don’t care about the money, cars, clothes, I want to have something to fill the void that I have inside of me. What can it be? It’s like I am walking through a forest with a blindfold on. Tripping over branches and running into trees. Time is slipping by. Coming down from a high, I realize what really matters and what I have trying to find this whole time. Myself.. I am a free spirit. Set me free.


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