From Me.

Alexandria Young. That’s me. I am about to turn 20 years old. I have matured so much in these few past years, I am almost a new person. I want this post to be different from anything I have ever written. This post is actually about me. About me and how I personally feel towards things and people. There is no pretty pictures or cool sayings’ for this post. This is all somewhat advice to remember day to day.

I feel like I have come to a point in my life where I know what is healthy for me and what people are negative or positive in my life. I think I have finally understood what my mother was always trying to teach me. Live life stress free and make each second count as if it was your last. So I have decided to do some early Spring cleaning and delete so many people from life that do not deserve to be there. Over and over I have sat back and watched girls get used and abused by different guys and certain relationships. But not anymore. I want to use my voice on this blog to reach out to others and let give them a piece of advice when they are hurting or in their time of need. From now on I refuse to be that girl that is used by other people. I will no longer belittle my voice so I cannot be heard by others. I am tired of the same, the lame, in my face, bringing to the table the same thing they have always brought. A bunch of uselessness and worthlessness. So for those poeple, you are out of my life. No longer will I entertain you and what you have to say. And for those who have positivity, I welcome you to my life with open arms.

I have learned a few things this semester that I feel like I will take with me forever. I want to share some of them with you. Keep reading if your interested. If not, click the little X in the right hand top corner. Feel me?

1.) Do not trust everything you hear from a person or people. Take everything they say with a grain of salt, unless you know that person well enough and trust them completely. Now a days people say and do whatever just to get what they want. I would not put any effort into what others say unless you know for sure.

2.) Play the game, do not let it play you. In short terms, always be ahead if the game. If you get left behind or do not know what move to make next you can ultimately end up getting hurt or having the outcome not to your benefit. Play smart, dont get smartly played. (This one is short and right to the point.)

3.) Know who your real freinds are and who are your enemies. It is better to have a real enemy than a fake friend. Be kind to evryone around you, but also keep them in your watchful eye. You can never put anything past anyone these days. ( I know this from personal experience.)

4.) TRY as much as possible to stay stress free, especially while in school. I know being in school can be very difficult at times but just take a minute to pray and relieve some of that tension that you hold on to throughout the day. Do not stress over things or people who arent worth your time. Say what you need to say and try your hardest. After that there is nothing else you can do but day that you tried. Dig me?

Again, these are just a few things I learned just recently.

Love all. Love always.



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