Keep breathing. Keep loving.

A short sotry about a girl:

This girl. Her name was Chloe. Chloe loved the world, she loved life. She saw past the fouls of life and she felt past her internal pain. She knew there was a better life above her earthly life. Every day she would wake up with a smile on her face, just happy to be alive. You see Chloe appreciated life more than anyone who had a full life to live. This girl has been through it all but yet can feel more than anyone who’s alive. Chloe has cancer and only has two months to live. She vowed in these last two months she was going to live her life for her finally. No more giving into the rumors of high school, no more trying to please her parents, and no more finding happiness only in her boyfriend. She was done with all of it. Outside of her being was chaos but on the inside her heart was complete and peaceful. I bet this girl was living her two months left with more life than you have ever even known. How are you living your life? Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is gone. Are you just alive or are you living?


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