What I Learned.

My mother always told me to be a lady. My father always told me to be strong. My sister always told me to have style. All of these people affected my life. In a positive way, of course. I love these people, they are my family. I love them because they love me unconditionally. And then, there’s you. You came along and changed it all. I didn’t listen to my mother and let you have my body. I didn’t to my father and I let my walls down. I didn’t listen to my sister and let my spirit be free from the everyday girl style.

You just turned my world upside down. And I can’t figure out if it was for the worse or for the good. You taught me how to get those butterflies in my stomach over and over each day. This never ending feeling uplifts me. You didn’t have to take a hammer to my walls, they just came tumbling down. You had me so naturally, I have never seen anything more free. It is like you were an angel sent from heaven; a prayer in my most darkest hour. I thought you came to save me from myself, show me what real love was suppose to feel like. You opened my eyes and my heart to living. I feel like I was dead before you came along and brightened my world. You gave me hope and serenity within myself.

I am stronger because of you. You let me go without thinking twice. Draping a black covering over our relationship and ruining it all. Throwing me, a treasure, away for a piece of trash. I guess in the end I did end up listening to my father for sure. Thanks for your heartbreak. Because now? I am stronger than ever. I ended up listening to my mother because now I have so much self-respect for me and who I truly am outside of you. I also ended up learning that you can’t listen to every good speaking man you see. Watch your back, because one day your going to get played just like you played me. 


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