I still have You.

I still have you. Sitting next to you. I feel the warmth of your arm. I love it. I love your smell. The way you touch my legs as I tighten them around yours. Your a beautiful song I love to sing. The perfect melody to go along with soundtrack of my life. I want to swim in your love forever and always. You have me completely. I am in love with the man sitting next to me because I know he will never hurt me. I hate when you have to leave. I miss you so quickly. It’s crazy what you do to me. I don’t know what I am going to do when you go of for the navy. I can only hope and pray that your smile will come back to me as is. I carry you in my soul and in my heart. You know that deeper than deep love? That is what I have for you. I will lay down my life and take a bullet for you. So don’t get shot over there because I won’t be there to save you. Do you know you save me everyday? Just by me gazing into your eyes and you looking back at me uplifts my being. Puts me on a natural high. There is no limit to my love. There is no limit to my care. Our relationship will never be truth or dare.

What more can I say? I will wait here for you without any doubts in my mind that you will come back to me. But for now, I still have you. Sitting next to me as I feel the strength of your arms. You make my soul shine brighter than all the stars in the sky. For this I love you. For this I will do for you. Isn’t it crazy it only took two weeks for us to fall in love? Only two weeks for me to see that you were the one for me. My endless soulmate of passion. There is no reason behind our mad love except the fact that we love hard. We go the distance for each other, never to compartmentalize our efforts. You are more than a man could be to a woman. You are everything I need.

It’s funny because I still have a little crush you in even though I love you. I still feel that spark like when we first met. That has never went away for me. You still excite my heart and make me feel alive more than ever. No one gives me what you do when I am in your arms. As I stare at the engagement ring on my finger, I can’t wait to make it official. I’ll be writing my wedding vows soon. Putting all my love for you in words. There is not a day that goes by when I do not think of you.

I love you,




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