Young Girl.


Young girl lift your head high. Someone is going to love you more than you even know what love means. Lift your head high because someone is going to cherish you more than gold. You won’t have to grow old and lonely. Be patient because you just haven’t found the right person with the key to unlock your dark past. Look up to the sky and see all that God himself has created. Know that he has stated someone for you who will love you past your pain. Know that just as someone is falling out of love someone is loving in love with you. Let all your tears fall into the palms of your hands today because tomorrow is a new day. Just pray and lift your head high. Open them pretty little eyes. Take a look around see all the beauty left in this world. Appreciate what God has given you. Take nothing for granted. Love those who love you and love those who curse you. Let your strong heart beat to the sound of life, not love. Do not fear because love will come eventually. One special soul with that key is going to open your heart and set you free. Just you watch. Don’t look at the clock. Time is your enemy. So for now just live your life and be free. Life is what you make it, make it amazing. Make it yours. You do not belong to love. You are not a prison of war. Love belongs to you, so use it wisely. Just breathe.


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