Finding Yourself.

People ask me why I do the things I do. They ask me why I love so hard and how am I so sure about life. Well I just see it as if your not living then your just alive. If your not fighting for what you want or believe in everyday, your not living. Your not feeling. Open up your world. Be free and make a statement that will leave a positive mark on someones life. Living on a natural high in life sets you at a more free standard. That’s how I feel right now. I won’t sit down and take what is given to me. I am going to ask for what I want because I deserve it. I am no longer afraid to stand up and make my own boundaries. What’s the point of going through life if I am not alive? If I am not able to laugh and cry. You can squash my body but never my soul. My souls shines bright like my future hitting against the afternoon sun. My life has just begun. I’m so young that I really haven’t had enough of nothing. People think I’m weird and my style is off the wall. I don’t mind cause I’m finding me. Who are you to tell me? My mind isn’t shy anymore I got no one to live for but God.


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