Guidelines to Life.

Awakening to the morning sun. And I feel alive as ever. Ready to take on the day and go up against all that life throws at me. I am ready because I am becoming a whole person again. No more fraction of a girl I once was from within. I’m learning to be thankful and love myself and this life God has placed me in. I am so much better than conforming to the norms of life. I can’t just live, so I must be alive. Rain doesn’t stop me, I’ll still be free. Darkness clouds the air, but I still feel love and rise above. Do you understand? I can’t be held down, put down, shot down, let down, or forced down. Because I stand on my own two feet. Although not afraid to get knocked down, I’ll just get back up. Knowing that I have to continue this beautiful journey called life. Fulfill my hopes and dreams. Find true love and hold it close to my heart. Seek happiness when it looks as if only black pavement surrounds me. Help others and bring peace to their lives. Give someone a second chance, not because they deserve it but because your heart is pure. Keep your heart alive, cause once it stops beating there’s no going back. Follow through with promises and never break trust. Live free. Be you. Always stay true. Patience is a virtue. Give your best in everything you do. Seek pure happiness and don’t stop until you get. Don’t be stricken in the likes of failures, they are only lessons learned. Work hard, and life becomes yours.



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