The Poor Man

The hopes and dreams of a poor man can vary. He can either want to get rich or just get out poverty. The poor man wants to have a home to go to every night and warm meal to eat before he goes to bed. Most people take these things for granted. Most think these are expendable items to have. We as a society are blinded by the materialistic things of the world. So blinded that sometimes we can’t even see past the person the mirror. We become selfish in our own ways, not helping the poor man out. Only thinking of our own future and not the person beside us sitting on the metro or the bus. You must realize everyone wants someone to care. No matter how old or young. Even the poor man has hopes and dreams. There the museum of beautiful art in his head, galloping frames of elegance through his mind. No one sees the poor man because he has no bank account or fancy clothes. They just see him for what is on the outside and not what is in his heart. We walk around this earth without a care in the world, as if our life is our own. But it’s not. It doesn’t belong to us, therefore, we make everything we do count. Even the poor man has time, but not to waste on things of this earth. This poor man can see the beauty in dirt, the beauty in eyes who seek the truth in every word. Every meal to him is a feast, that’s how you know this man counts his blessings.


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