To you I’m just another number. I don’t have a face or feelings. You don’t know what I go through. You don’t know my internal struggles or what I pay just to wake up everyday. You only see someone seeking the same thing as everyone else. The Truth. You might as well have no eyes. Your in a room with no light, you have adapted to darkness. You feel my clothes but you can’t feel my soul. You can’t see past the lies even though the truth is in my eyes.

But the thing is I’m not just another girl. I want the world. Get away from me with your fake attitudes and unreal certainties. I want raw love, real words, for sure feelings. But you cant even see past the money and hoes. You think, “oh, if I get a girl to shake her ass in my video I’m balinnnnnn!” but you see it don’t work like that.

When u go down in the books you won’t be remembered for your looks. You’ll be remembered for your words and how they were heard. If your destined, legends go on forever. But no one will remember you for the amount of weed you smoked, or the blunts you rolled, or the bitches you stole from the niggas who are your enemies. None of it will matter, you’ll just be apart of the past. See what I’m tryna do, I’m tryna make it last. Be bigger than the past. I want to be heard louder, louder than all the numbers in the world., I’m more than just a number, I’m an extraordinary girl.


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