I can still feel You.

My dearest Micheal,

There it goes. That feeling again. That rushing feeling in the pit of my stomach. Whenever I hear your name or see it in a movie I can feel it. The past that we had together comes to the forefront of my mind and I can smell your cologne again. I can hear your laugh again. I can remember all the kisses that we shared. All it takes is one word then the thought you enters my mind like a virus taking up all the open space. I don’t know why this feeling still arises in me. I thought the trip to Ireland would make me feel better but it didn’t. It only reminded me of how much you use to like to travel and see different places with me. I wish you were here again today, siting with me as I stare out into the ocean from our beach house. To see how much our dog Lux has grown. She misses you dearly. Of course, so do I. I don’t think i will ever forget you, no matter how much distance or years are bewteen us. I know you are just a prayer away. My beautiful angel looking down upon me from heaven. I know I will see you again one day. Hopefully later than sooner. There is still so much left I want to do on this earth. But I’ll be seeing you.


Love always,



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