Sitting in a room full of people but yet I feel so alone. No one hears me or see’s me. I feel like I’m a lost being in a world of harshness and deceit. Where am I to turned when nothing seems like enough. Nothing will fill the void. Not the end of my shot glass or the bottom of my blunt. Nothing works. What am I to do when it all comes crashing down in the front of my face. What am I to think when no one understands me. To be alone is probably the most deadliest thing possible for a girl like me. People step all over my feet like I’m invisible. Who knew someone could be so rude? Who knew someone could feel so empty. Living in paradise is no were near this, I can’t bear this. All these sounds, so many voices. It’s attacking my mind but yet I hold on to some hope someday someone will see me for who I really am.


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