This Love Story.


As the sun illuminates the room, I can feel you dreaming. It awakens me and I look out towards the window. I creep out of the covers like a cat just waking up from her daily nap. The warmth gets colder, and then I feel the air of the room hit against my skin. But I don’t mind. I walk slowly over to the window, trying not to wake you. The rays of sunshine hits my face and somehow I crack a smile. Despite of what happened last night. I must admit, that that was the biggest fight we have ever had. So much pulling and tugging. So much yelling and screaming. For what? We both know we are going to make up before the nights over. Don’t you get it? We are madly in love with each other and that conquers everything. I’m thinking in my head how many times we have went through the ritual of “I’m done.” or “I can’t do this anymore.” But we are both fooling ourselves. We love each other so much it feels like no matter what we do or say to try to fall out of the entangled web we have around one another, nothing will ever work. We will find each other back right were we started. Staring at each other in a blank awe because we simply give each other fireworks inside. You trigger something in me I thought could never be possible. There are so many guys outside this window right now. Some are riding their bikes down the busy street. Some are on cell phones with their business suites on. But yet, they do nothing for me. Your eyes get me every time. Don’t you understand? Your the one for me. Your the guy every girl wants. Your my soul mate. Your my destiny. Your my future. Your my other half. And that’s just it, your mine and no one else’s. This makes me smile just knowing that fact. Nothing is forced, it comes so natural. Why? Because it’s meant to BE. I look at you sleeping in my bed. So peaceful as your chest rises and falls to the rhythm of your breathing. Looking at you actually has become one of my favorite past times. It seems that everything you do widens my eyes in amazement just that much more. When you wake up and I hear your voice, I want to be that much closer to you. Next to you, around you, on top of you. All of the above. This feels like a dream and so much more. “No my dear, this is your reality” I say to myself. I feel so lucky, so blessed. I walk back to the bed quietly and open the covers. I smell your cologne, it’s intoxicating. I crawl back into the bed and snuggle up under you. You wrap your arms around my delicate body and I can feel your strength. I know that these arms wrapped around me right now will never let me fall. But if I do for some reason, they’ll be right there to catch me. This is LOVE.


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