This Girl.

This girl woke up bruised and battered. He told her, “I’ll love you forever” All the sorrys couldn’t make up for everything she had been through. All the hits to her, every time she was knocked down to the ground, every single time her face hit the cold pavement. Nothing could make up for it. But somehow, this girl awoke from her dreams smiling. Because you see when she would dream, her mind and thoughts would take her to paradise. Where she was on a tropical island drinking a fruity drink or she was in Paris taking pictures of all her surroundings. Her dreams while she was sleeping took her to places she had never been. However, when she awoke she was back to the same nightmare where everything had started. The pain returned and all was dark again. This girl has seen the worst and the best of a person. And still she held strong. Strong enough to fight for her life. Eventually she made her dreams come true. She had enough. She finally didn’t have to sleep to go to paradise..


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