Once when I was little..

Once when I was little I went in my backyard. I wanted to go on an adventure. I felt no fear of what was in the woods of my backyard. I just knew that I wanted to explore. I was so fear less. I thought I was like superman. Once when I was little  thought I could do anything, that I was the strongest person ever. My world was good, pure and true. I was the one who would always try things first, playing in the dirt. Never thought to look behind me at what anyone else was doing. I just knew playing outside was the greatest thing, when I was little. I was a dreamer, I was a believer. I thought life could only get better from here. I miss that feeling. That feeling of trust and no pain of or from the world. Nature was my friend and I thought earth was amazing. Good times, when I felt so strong. But now it is time to grow up. No more little kid dreams and no more fairy tale stories. I still feel it though, in my heart. Just like when I was little.


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