Four letters

Love is you; you and me. Going on this journey towards our dreams and hopes. Hoping that we both feel the same. Loving someone is one of the most bravest things a soul can do. Between me and you is light, the great escape. Escape from the terrorist trying to blow up out hearts, take away our love and fill it with false hope. Loving you is like taking my heart on a permanent vacation to the beach or the mountains. I can feel the fire of the sun fill my heart and I can noticed the cool air on the tip of the mountain top. It gives me hope, it gives me freedom. I can be me, I can love me. I love you which in turn I love myself. I learned in life you must take risks and chances on what you want. I took a chance on you, loving you. And it’s the best thing I have ever could’ve done. I wish I could see myself through your eyes because you hold me in this high that I could never so easily come down from. You look at me like I’m perfect, like there is nothing better to pray for. I know that you love me. You are love. We have created something magical between our two hearts. Even through the ups and down we could never part. You are my soulmate, forever embedded. We are destined, or maybe it’s just fate..


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