There once was a loyal heart who knew nothing more than to love. It could take her on a high and deep down in lows. She would would rise on skies or sink to the bottom. It never felt like a choice, this is just what happened. everything she once knew, boiled and bubbled inside of her till she turned blue. She would say, “Disappear into the shadows so I will never feel pain again. This man has no idea what hes putting in.”

It was a like roller coaster, making her stomach jump to throat, or her heart drop to her stomach. It was always back and forth give n go type deal. It always made her feel like she couldn’t maneuver through the dark times even with the smiles. She would either find love and survive another night. Or she would find hate and just put a fight.

Wrapped up in someone else’s love, she knew not how to be happy on her lonesome. She would just try not to be lonely, in the place that’s so homey. She tried to smile when the lows would take her under but she didn’t know how to because she was stuck. Like thunder in the sky, you could hear her, not see her. Touch her but not feel her. This was the invisible girl. She had no options, translucent like water in a cup. Start me up but don’t get me started.

There were not options like do this, pick that. No your favorite movie isn’t Beavis and butthead, it’s just dawn of the dead. See she had no room to be her, no space to move. Even in an empty Field she was still boxed in. With out choice she was dying within. She felt like this was something she couldn’t win.


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