It is hard to define, what runs through my mind when it comes around. This feeling is so real its out of this world. It can take me high or suck me under. It can bring joy or sadness. When i see it fireworks come to mind. Light start flashing in my eyes. So I look up to the skies and thank God for this. This is bliss. But misery loves company. My face sheds waterfalls, my heart bleeds blackness. But still, you give me that edge no one else even knows exists. You once put meaning behind that four letter word. It made me and broke me. Shattered me then put me back together. It cut me deep and took me higher. When I give you it, you feed off it. You love my love. You crave my insane. You might as well be the blood in my veins. It is like an explosion in my heart, a car crash in my soul. Love is war. War brings peace. And that’s all I want between you and me.

It can be found in a pure heart. You feel it from the start. It’s extraordinary and completely sparatic. Better than winning the lottery or getting laid. It is like no other feeling. I am your queen and you are my king. Head up, heart open. It comes like a thief in the night. And captures your heart. You don’t notice that it has gone to the other person but you can feel it. It comes. It leaves. But it will forever go one. Not between just you and I. But between love and love with two open souls, meant to grow old. Together in and out of time. You deserve it. So don’t sweat it and fret. The best comes to those who wait, and the best just hasn’t come to you yet.


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