Where Did He Go

I just thought it was going to be a regular day in the park. Nothing special, just another hour, minute, second in my day. Then I turned and saw your face. It was like you fell right in front of my being, perfect as perfect could be. I liked your look, I could not help myself but to talk to you. I usually don’t do this, but why waste a perfectly amazing opportunity. Your smile lit up my universe, your laughter and kindness comforted me. I was automatically attracted to you. Without a doubt raw attraction. I left your sight just as easily as you came into mine. “Where did you go?”, I always ask myself. I always wonder what happened to you, where you ended up. And If you still ever think about that girl you met in the park. Cause’ that girl thinks about you. To sit and wonder about you is the most endless thing I do.


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