The People

Have you ever visited a place where there’s more homeless people than liquor stores? Seen more police brutality and hostility than children playing in the park? Tell me where your from. Where people don’t have to watch their backs from authority. Where mothers say, “come back baby” and daughters say “come find me”. Love isn’t known. Only hatred is shown. Men are told to exploit women. Women are subject to open legs than open books. Afraid to respect the individual but will always individualize no one. Head in space, feet not grounded. Anchored down in worthlessness. Selfishness. Taken energy. Trapped in old memories. It’s hard to see a brighter day when dark skies hover over like there’s no tomorrow. Relationships should never be ownerships. Wake up people and realize words hurt and never can be taken back even with a receipt. All that’s left is lies and deceit. Brisk air mixed with broken promises. Raise your hand if your use to this..



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